Alloy Repairs

Kerb Damage

Hit a kerb and scuffed or scrapped off your lacquer and paint. This can be repaired and resprayed with paint to match and a clear coat lacquer to finish- An invisable guaranteed repair

Kerb Damage

Dents & Flat Spots

Potholes in roads can cause dents and flat spots to your inner wheel rims. This damage can potentially lead to vibration through your suspension system and lead to further costly repairs due to uneven running of the alloy. The alloy bead seal and tyre fit may also be compromised causing air leakage which is considered dangerous at motorway speeds due to the risks tyre blowouts.

Buckle Repair

Inner Rim Grind & Polish

Inner Rim Grind & Polish

Corrosion on the inner bead seal area can cause loss of air and low tyre pressure. Driving with under inflated tyres can lead to uneven wear on the tyre and high fuel consumption and even potentially dangerous high speed blow-outs.

We can offer to repair your rims by removing the corrosion and resealing the tyre to the rim of the wheel. This ensures an air tight fit that maintains the correct running pressures hence saving fuel and costly repair bills.

Most major tyre centres will carry out free checks for punctures and bead seal leaks.

Losing Air

If your constantly having to keep inflating your tyres because of pressure loss, your alloys are likely to be suffering from inside rim corrosion. This is when your alloys inside the wheel are suffering from bubbling paint, corrosion or even the valve itself which is the cause. This unfortunately gives the sidewall of the tyre a bad contact and an uneven fit to the wheel causing air to leak all around. If not repaired it can be unsafe, especially at speed. Cause permanent premature tyre wear and result in higher fuel consumption. Not to forget replacement of tyres far more frequently than normal. M-Tech Alloy Repairs Scotland can remove the affected cause of all this by a Di grind and re polish to front and back inner rims to eliminate the problem. We also use a special resealer to finish. Valves can also be removed and the hole area port and polished for a air tight fit again.

Colour Change

Alloy Colour Change

Our specialised colour change service offers the customer to try a new look on there car. When the existing finish of the alloy starts to look tired with brake dust, lacquer fade and discolouring, we can supply bespoke colours and refinish your alloys in a colour you would like. This can totally transform your car's appearance to a finish you always preferred in the first place. We cater for a lot of the new colour ranges that manufactures put out there, light anthracites, dark anthracites, carbon charcoal, slate greys, graphite, black, huge range of silvers. However if we don't carry the colour your after we can easily source it through our many major paint suppliers.